Coffee of the month - Perky Blenders 250g

Coffee of the month - Perky Blenders 250g

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Origin = Guatemala (Finca Filadelfia)

Process = Washed

Notes = Chocolate // Nougat // Dried Fig

Roast = Espresso + Filter

The coffee region of Antigua, Guatemala is spread across a valley, surrounded by three volcanoes known as tres Hermanas (the three sisters) agua, acatenango & fuego. The coffee grown in this area is enriched by the volcanic soil and tends to hold moisture extremely well.


It is also home to the ancient capitals of the Mayan people. and the name Quetzal comes from the national bird of Guatemala that also features in Mayan mythology as a symbol for freedom.


These beans in particular are produced by 5th & 6th generation coffee growers of the Dalton family in Bosques de San Francisco. A small plot of land on Finca Filadelfia Farm, it is the oldest coffee farm in the town of Antigua and has been awarded twice.


Manuel Matheu borrowed the land in 1864 to plant coffee. After the first harvest he went to London and achieved great success selling his first crop.


Upon his return, Manuel was commissioned by the president of Guatemala to show small farmers how to grow coffee to his high standards. Thus giving birth to what we now know as the coffee growing region of Antigua.

After seeing their family farm was struggling to connect with the international marketplace, as were other local businesses, the Dalton family felt impassioned to create a new platform, with one qualification for entry only. High quality coffee.