The Wonderful World of V60

Brewing specialty coffee is popular amongst baristas as an alternative to the trusted espresso, but many coffee-enthusiasts also enjoy brewing a lovely sediment-free coffee by hand...

The UK coffee market has recently seen an exponential growth in the volume of coffee kit purchases online...during lockdown 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0 many of us have decided to learn the art of brewing coffee! 

There are a multitude of choices, but the luxury of a v60 is that it provides a cost effective yet graceful method of brewing a great tasting coffee at home or outdoors (at least 1m away from other humans please!).

If this is the first time you’ve come across the v60 you’ll probably be wondering how it got its name? Well ok there’s no complex science behind it but it's still cool - it’s simply named after its V-shaped cone design with an angle of 60 degrees.  What makes the V60 different from most conventional pour-over devices is its use of interior ridges, which ensure good air flow while the coffee is brewing.



Generally it's a straight-forward process though it can seem complex...but just like everything else in life - practice makes perfect!

Now, if you've watched a barista brewing coffee by hand a few times before, you might just, get away without reading the instructions...but don't be dismayed, it's not as bad as a flat pack from ikea!  Before you delve into the process let's make sure you've got the right equipment to get you started...


Recommended Equipment 'the basics'

+ v60 dripper

+ vessel or cup

+ dosing scoop/spoon

+ v60 filter papers

+ ground coffee

+ boiling water


Additional equipment 'the enthusiasts'

+ filtered water

+ perky blenders coffee 

+ goose-neck kettle > temp control @ 96-98 degrees

+ kitchen scales

+ timer


Once you and your v60 equipment are ready for action here are our recommended brewing methods...



step 1: boil kettle

step 2: fold crease on filter paper & place in v60 dripper > rinse with boiling water

step 3: place v60 dripper over your vessel or cup > add 14-18g coffee grounds

step 4: pour 200-250ml boiling water slowly over the grounds and allow to filter into vessel below

step 5: drink > you can add milk or sugar, it's your preference!



step 1: boil kettle to 98 degrees > set temp control

step 2: fold crease on filter paper & place in v60 dripper > rinse with boiling water

step 3: position scales on counter > add your vessel or cup & v60 dripper with approx 16g coffee grounds 

step 4: tare scales to '0' & have timer ready > slowly pour 34g water covering the grounds & allowing 30 seconds 'blooming' time

step 5: at 30 seconds pour upto 120g

step 6: at 1 minute pour upto 200g

step 7: at 1 minute 30 seconds pour to 250g


Worry clear things up for our newbies, the guys at Perky Blenders have created a straight-to-the-point video demonstration!! 

Adam Cozens (Perky Blenders co-founder) and Francois Knopes (Perky Blenders head roaster) present their recommended coffee beans for use with the v60 and then explain 2 different brewing methods.  The video link is exclusively available to those who sign up to our mailing list!  ...scroll down the page, you'll see a little box to input your email address ;)



In addition to the full range of Perky Blenders coffee beans, we're pleased to offer the basic V60 Set that includes everything you need to get started for only £12, available in store or online now! 

And if you're feeling adventurous we have an Exclusive V60 Mega Bundle up for grabs!!

The bundle includes the V60 set (shown above) + a beautifully hand-crafted porcelain or lava stone cup from Hidden Gems Design + 250g Perky Blenders coffee, especially for manual brewing the 'Acacia Blend' tastes floral and sweet,  featuring beans from Ethiopia & El Salvador!

Exclusive offer £40 (while stocks last)!!!

RRP £55 



1.The first thing to remember when brewing specialty coffee is that you must rinse the paper filters > ideally use unbleached filters and always rinse with hot water until it runs clear to avoid unwanted tastes transferring to the coffee. This also pre-warms the dripper & serving vessel.

2. Filtered water > this element makes up over 50% of your brew so it needs to be good quality...we recommend to invest in a water filter if you don't already have one.  Black + Blum sell a great natural charcoal filter in a glass carafe.

3. The perfect's a matter of taste but we work to > 1L water X 60g coffee.  If you're using a lighter roast or an African bean you might want to increase to experimental!

4. Coffee needs to flourish & grow to release it's potential...also referred to as 'blooming' whereby the grounds will visibly inflate like a souffle!  This process is vital to remove any acidity and release the characteristics of the bean.

5. Don't be afraid to modify our recommendations to create your own brew & pour times...but experimentation requires equipment, so invest in the right kit to get you started

6. Your coffee grind size plays a vital role too...coarser grounds will allow a faster brew but a weaker coffee taste, and if you grind finer then you will get a stronger taste but not necessarily a better flavour...don’t stress too much we can always grind the beans for free in-store!

7. You can nail the v60 process but if you don't have great coffee to start with the result might be disappointing...our favourites would be Perky Blenders 'acacia blend' or 'single origin'

8. It's a trial and error process...there's no real right or wrong here so enjoy it and before no time you will discover the perfect coffee taste at home for you! 

Share your experimental coffee experiences with us online @wegotgoodvibes


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