Perky Blenders Coffee selection - November

Perky Blenders coffee offers an experience in every cup...sourcing some of the worlds best coffees, their head roaster dedicates his time to researching & testing unique beans from Colombia & Brazil to Ethiopia, Costa Rica & Honduras...  

Each month invites a new 'coffee of the month' which has been carefully sourced and then roasted to ensure optimum flavour profiles are achieved...



PROFILE – Chocolate // Stone Fruit // Brown Sugar

ORIGIN – Colombia // Brazil 

PROCESS – Washed // Natural 

Named after Perky Blenders home borough of Waltham Forest, their forest blend combines a Colombian component processed by 52 smallholder coffee producers from the region of Inza with a Brazilian coffee grown within a circle of two small families of coffee producers. 

Growing coffee since 1890, the Brazilian component comes from a 4th generation of coffee growers who maintain family tradition across their farms, which are home to over 1 million coffee plants.

In our opinion forest blend provides a rich & well-balanced espresso that has a smooth chocolatey taste with a cane sugar undertone

A dark roast, this bean is best enjoyed as an espresso but can also be used for alternative brewing methods such as filter or moka pot if you enjoy a more intense brew.

Forest blend is the foundation of our takeaway drinks menu at Goodvibes coffee shop.





PROFILE – Milk chocolate // Dried Date // Red Apple

ORIGIN – Mexico

PROCESS – Washed

Located in Chiapas is Mario Rodriquez, using agro-ecological practices he grows coffee alongside many other things including corn and fruits that are not only for his family, but also picked by them.

This practices takes place on his farm stretching over 8 hectares in length!

If you are lucky enough you may stumble upon this coffee of the month on batch brew in's fresh & fruity, providing a perfect pick-me-up on these cold winter mornings!




PROFILE – Chocolate // Jam // Stone Fruit

ORIGIN - Guatemala

PROCESS - Washed

If you care about quality coffee you have come to the right place!

Over 50 years ago Don Eleodoro spent days walking back & forth to collect cherries from a farm and then sell the coffee to a mill.  Having established a thriving business, he decided to buy Finca La Esperanza in 1986 and here he has farmed coffee with his son ever since. 

This single origin has been honoured with many international awards, which testify to its uniquely fruity and sweet taste.

It's perfect for those who prefer a little more body & richness to their coffee and it’s worth noting that it’s suitable for all brewing methods…a good all-rounder!




PROFILE – Tropical Fruit // Maple Syrup

ORIGIN - Ethiopia

PROCESS - Natural 

Dried on beds for 28 days, Tarikiu Mengesha produced this coffee entirely on his farm in the famous Yirgahefe region in central Ethiopia.

This natural process involves stacking the cherries to remove unwanted materials and drying naturally. The process helps make the strong tropical notes with maple tones shine through with a punch. 

Oh yes, this coffee smells & tastes as good as it sounds…some fantastic beans are coming out of Ethiopia and this one doesn’t disappoint.  The flavour profile is zesty & sweet, with a slight toasty undertone, we’d recommend drinking it without milk.

A lighter roast this bean is best suited for v60, aeropress, filter & French press.




PROFILE – Milk chocolate // Hazelnut // Tamarind

ORIGIN - Honduras 

PROCESS – Washed // CO2

Our decaf is no joke…seriously, it’s not an afterthought or an oversight, it’s a damn good bean!

This decaf is handpicked by the estate and is processed by a small association based in El Caracol, San Pedro. 

By mixing the bean with water & CO2 (sparkling water essentially) this naturally draws out the caffeine molecules before being evaporated. The process is then repeated until the desired amount of caffeine has been extracted.  

This is a comforting coffee that offers you a relaxing Sunday treat or an indulgent late night hot drink (for the coffee addicts like us).  Blended with oat milk this coffee is smooth & chocolatey with a sweetness that envelopes your taste buds.

Suitable for all brewing methods…oh yes!

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