Coffee of the month // January // Alpaca lips

New Year, New You? New Coffee, It's Peru!




Single Origin = Peru 

Process = Washed 

Notes = Blackberries, Marshmallow, Vanilla

Espresso + Filter 


Januarys coffee is Alpaca lips 

(No alpacas were harmed in the making of this coffee)

January is often one of those hard winter months, but we wanted to approach this new year, of all years, with positivity, humour and a cracking Peruvian coffee pun. 

Welcome to the tastes of Peru! Our first coffee from this region is a true stunner. 

Produced by Roger Chilcon Flores in northern Peru Where he grows coffee along side his family sharing the load between farms. 

They grow both yellow and red caturra stretching across a massive 3 hectares of land. 

Roger's cherries are grown at very high altitudes more than 1900 meters above sea level.

Cherries are picked as ripe as possible before being pre-fermented in bags for up to 36 hours. This intense fermentation process gallows coffee to exude its natural fruity notes which complements the crisp acidity found in high altitude coffees.

 Bursting with fruitiness followed by a creamy sweetness this coffee is a sensation on the palate...almost like turkish delight!


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  • Hey I was in last weekend for a coffee and wondered which Perky blenders coffee you were using as I want to buy some!? Thanks, Abi


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