Introducing Bare Bones Chocolate

 Bare bones hand-craft their chocolate in a small factory in Glasgow, Scotland.  


As their name suggests, their products and the brand ethic are based around a simple combining authenticity & best practice they deliver chocolate products which respect the integrity of the raw cacao beans...optimising their flavour and enhancing our experience! 


This micro-batch, bean to bar chocolate company is one of very few U.K. producers who hand-craft their product from raw cacao beans to finished chocolate bar.


Let's also add that those cacao beans have been sourced from rare origins around the world!


Put simply, the beans are roasted to perfection, cracked to release the precious cacao nib which is then ground with raw unrefined cane sugar & cocoa butter for up-to 72 hours to create a silky smooth & indulgent chocolate.


Cameron & Laura's determination as chocolate enthusiasts has driven them to win multiple awards for their chocolate and we are proud to be offering their products at Goodvibes coffee shop.


Their focus on excellence & sustainability mirrors us perfectly here at Goodvibes...more and more we all try to adapt towards the idea of a circular economy by reusing, recycling and avoiding single use materials.  


Bare Bones is definitely one for those indulgent moments...perfect as a little snack or to share as a gift! 


- Available now! -


Madagascar 70% Dark

Notes of maple syrup and rich cherry with a raspberry jam finish.

- insider tip - this bar pairs perfectly with our latte/flat white/cappuccino! 


Dominican Republic 68% Dark

Notes of salted caramel and roasted peanuts with a touch of maldon sea salt.

- insider tip - if you're new to dark chocolate then try this one! 


Guatemala 65% Dark

Notes of floral honey and lemon zest with a pecan finish.

- insider tip - this one elevates your taste buds!


Honduras 60% Milk

Notes of raisin, fudge, and double cream.

 - insider tip - this bar met its match in our decaf Honduras coffee bean!


on sale in-store now 



Or why not come down and try our sumptuous hot chocolate or our rich & intense mocha...

Both of which feature these incredible single origin cacao shavings...meanwhile also being organic, vegan & sustainable!


  Madagascar 70%

Beautiful balanced & rich in deep chocolate tones this cacao has uplifting notes of berries & maple syrup. This cacao displays all the natural complexity of the cacao without any additives, flavouring or sugars.

From the depths of Sambirano this Madagascan chocolate is a winner and not just for us...It was awarded Bronze at the 2019 International chocolate awards!

 - insider tip - featured in our mocha, this rich & fruity cacao blends perfectly with the intensity of Perky Blenders forest blend which features Brazilian & Colombian beans that have smooth & nutty tones.



 Dominican Republic 68%

Created with single origin Dominican beans, this cacao was fermented in a 4 box tiered system for 5 days before being stone ground with raw unrefined cane sugar & maldon sea salt to balance the flavour.

This is the beauty dominating our hot chocolate! 

Rich in caramel & delicate nutty flavours, this cacao works wonders with alternative milks and traditional cow milk...just imagine having a chocolate fondant in a cup, it's the perfect hot chocolate indulgence.

- insider tip - try with oat milk for a creamy, smooth hot chocolate or coconut milk for a unique flavour sensation.

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