Coffee of the Month // September // Baba Budan

'Baba Budan'

Origin = India (Krishna Giri)

Process = Honey

Notes = Roasted Nuts // Chocolate // Red apple

Roast = Espresso + Filter + Cold Brew


September's coffee of the month is produced at the Krishna Giri plantation by 4th generation farmer Boje Gowda and his family. 

Perky Blenders named this coffee after the mythical 16th-century Sufi Saint, Baba Budan, who is said to have introduced the coffee plant to this region of India after smuggling 7 raw beans (hidden in his beard!!!), from the port of Mocha on his journey back from Persia, where he'd fallen in love with the delicious beverage.

 It's important to note that it was illegal to take coffee seed out of Arabia at that time, nonetheless Buba Budan returned and planted them in the Chandragiri hills of Karnataka.

The expansion of coffee cultivation across the country was helped by the Dutch, who occupied much of India throughout the 17th century. Initially, Arabica was widespread, but huge infestations of coffee leaf rust led to many farmers switching to robusta or arabica hybrids.


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