Coffee of the Month // November // From Mokha With Love

'From Mokha With Love'

Origin = Yemen (Raymi)

Process = Natural

Notes = Honey Cake // Dried date //Hazelnut

Roast = Espresso + Filter + Cold Brew


Yemen coffee is old, so old in-fact that it is considered the oldest and most highly praised in the world, This Deep, earthy, complex and pungent coffee from Perky Blenders this month is from the country where coffee culture itself seems to originate, Rooted in myth and legend...mind blowing stuff!,


While coffee trees originated from Ethiopia, the bean is said to have been produced and consumed as a beverage in Yemen as early as the mid-15th century. For nearly three centuries thereafter, virtually all the coffee production was from Yemen and shipped across the world


Yemeni coffee has a great history that still has ripple effects today. The original Mocha [aka moka, moca, mocca] is not chocolate coffee, but is in fact named after its famous port of Al-Mokha. This port is where Yemeni beans were loaded up into wooden hulled sailing ships manned by low-land sailors coming home from the island of Java, [hence the reason we get Mocha-Java blend].


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