Coffee of the Month // May // Veracruz


Origin // Colombia 
Notes // Summer Fruits // Citrus // Cane Sugar
Process // Fermentation
Method // Filter 


¡HOLA! Colombia! This month’s coffee is the perfect intro to summer, with the washed Colombian beans bringing sweet citrus, summer fruit, and cane sugar flavours to the cup.

The coffee is produced in Antioquia, home to the Santa Barbara Estate, a group of five sister coffee farms that have been the property of the Echavarria family since the 1980’s.

Finca Veracruz, the smallest farm on the estate, produced the beans through an "extended fermentation", a technique that has been perfected by the people at Santa Barbara for quite some time.

With this method, five consecutive days of
 picking are added gradually to the fermentation tank after de-pulping. It helps the PH to stay higher and stable, allowing for a longer than normal fermentation of the beans before washing.

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