Coffee of the Month // May // Five O One

Origin = Ecuador (Terrazas Del Pisque)

Process = Washed

Notes = Berries // Caramel // Creamy

Roast = Espresso + Filter


This month's coffee gets it's radical name from Perky Blenders collaboration with denim giants Levis. Read on for exclusive content!!


Based in South America, Arnaud Causse has created a full ecosystem to grow coffee at his farm, 'Las terrazas del pique' in the northern province of Pichincha - a volcano-rich province in north-central Ecuador.

 Taking over the farm in 2012, Arnaud planted a forest in an arid desert area to shelter his 25 different varieties of coffee trees.

 He then installed bee hives, fruit trees and leguminous plants to enrich the surroundings, creating a refuge for a variety of local wildlife, which in return would give nitrogen to the earth to enrich the soil for his coffee trees.

These solutions for crop diversification, shade and bio diversity plus soil enrichment allows him to grow coffee without pesticides. Instead the focus is on using essential oils created from his plants to treat the crops naturally.

 A background in agricultural engineering combined with his internationally renowned experience in coffee production really makes him a coffee producer with a unique & interesting perspective.





Coffee was introduced as a crop in 1860 when plantations were first established in the coastal Manabí Province in the Jipijapa Zone.

 After disease ravaged much of the cocoa crop in the 1920's many farmers turned their heads toward coffee for a way of sustaining income. The production of Coffee rapidly grew and remained one of Ecuador's top export crops through to the 1970s.


Ecuador primarily became famous for growing beans that were used for instant coffee, still a staple in many Ecuadorian households.

But a decline in Ecuador's coffee production in the 1980s due to a decline in land cultivation meant coffee was going unharvested because of increasingly low purchase prices.

 Fast forward to the 2000s and these large plantations still exist, but coffee production has adapted, turning to smaller, family run farms with a focus on specialty grade beans.


 Pichincha is a volcano-rich province in north-central Ecuador, home to Quito the country's capital, adorned with colonial churches like the gilded Iglesia de la Compañia de Jesús and imposing Iglesia de San Francisco.





It's an all rounder, just Drink IT

Its gorgeously sweet notes come alive

when served naked (no milk, no sugar)

Our little secret...IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT, you shall not be disappointed



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