Coffee of the Month // March // Raspberry Beret

Origin = Colombia (Grupo Pavón)

Process = Washed

Notes = Pear // Raspberry // Black Tea

Espresso + Filter  


In the words of Prince....

"Raspberry beret, I think I love her" 

As one of the worlds highest coffee producing countries, Colombia is kicking out some top quality beans, and this single origin is no exception!

Not just inspired by a classic Prince track, the name for this delicious Colombian coffee has also been inspired by its mouthwatering, fruitiness, which will surely put a spring in your step!

"Raspberry Beret" has been grown by a group of 20 coffee producers at Grupo Pavon in the municipality of Urrao,  Antioquia.  Antioquia has historically been the powerhouse of Colombian coffee production, and Grupo Pavon's decision to collaborate with local Jose Alcardo of Finca la Falda meant they could enter the specialty coffee market.  With beans cuping at +86 points this is a top quality specialty coffee that deserves the medals it's been awarded.

With the added help of local investment, their farming practices & strategy were able to evolve.  It also ensured a consistent & reliable global supply chain for these talented coffee farmers.

After being harvested, these cherries are de-pulped and the beans are then fermented for 24h before being fully washed and dried. This process is what helps intensify the natural fruity notes of this bean. 

Francois Knopes, head roaster at Perky Blenders, takes these green beans to a whole new level by test roasting and cupping to establish the beans characteristics...testing continues until the optimum flavour is reached.

This is a genuine story of the success that can be derived from our love & commitment to the product/s we're working this case a bean that delivers a bright & fruity coffee which will sing on your palate!

A Free coffee awaits you when you purchase a bag of "Raspberry Beret" at Goodvibes coffee shop!





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