Coffee of the Month // January // Ana Cecilia


Origin = Honduras 

Process = Washed 

Notes = Toffee // Mango // Red Apple 

Roast = Filter 

Welcome to 2022! It's already off to a flying start, but don't worry because here at Goodvibes we've got you covered. The team are optimistic for the year ahead and we're back supplying the Royal Docks with specialty coffee, great food and of course the vibes!


So sit back and take a breather, because this month Perky Blenders are taking you to the lush & warm climates of the Honduras, Central America. Specifically a region called Copan, famous for the splendid UNESCO classified Mayan archaeological sites [if you've got any travel stories we'd love to hear them].


Celebrating local coffee Producer Ana Cecilia Estevez, this coffee has been selected and grown on her farm near the town of Corquin. Ana worked for a few years with Aruco, a local cooperative, where she gained significant experience in processing & roasting coffee beans. From there she took the ambitious step to start her own coffee production on her plot of land that is inter-cropped to create biodiversity.


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