Coffee of the Month // February // Fortune Coffee

Single Origin = China 

Process = Washed

Notes = Brown Sugar, Green Apple, Herbal

Espresso + Filter  

First there was first Fortune Cat...Then there was Fortune Cookie...Now, There is Fortune Coffee!!

Will your prophecy come true?


A Fun Fact..

Maneki-neko (招き猫, lit. 'beckoning cat') is a common Japanese idol, but is extremely popular within Chinese culture! It is often believed to bring good luck to the owner and right now we all need some form of good luck 'beckoned' upon us!

This bean is versatile, smooth and light, perfect for V60, Aeropress, Espresso or French Press!

For the history lover....
Introduced to China in the 1890's by a french missionary, good quality coffee has been on rise ever since and in more recent years speciality high quality and sustainable production have been becoming more and more popular.

Yunnan Province located in southern China shares it borders with Vietnam, Loas and Burma, and although famous for its tea production, Yunnan province is now pushing out some of the best coffee in China. Produced by Banka, a farm and washing station currently growing a variety known as Catimor.

A Variety that can be temperamental but when handled, grown and pressed with care like here in Banka! The result is a beautiful bean that can feel mellow, almost tea like displaying fragrantsweet fruity notes, feeling crisp with hints of herbal characteristics.


Available in store now...if Good luck is stowed upon you, you maybe even stumble across a freshly made batch of Fortune Cat brewed on our very own Neon Lime Green Moccamaster (see if you can spot it) serving you the ultimate coffee with a side of  good'retro'vibes!


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