Origin = East Java - Indonesia

Process = Washed 

Notes = Butter // Apples // Green Pepper

Roast = Espresso + Filter 


April coffee of the month is taking us to the dreamy Indonesian archipelago in the western part of the Java island, where coffee has been grown for over 300 years since the arrival of the Dutch East India Company. In those parts, coffee is grown by the Sundanese people, the second largest ethnic group in Indonesia. Culturally different from the Javan people, the Sundanese have a strong relationship with nature and grow their coffee in a pretty wild environment, under the shade of trees that produce essential oils while using organic farming practices.

This coffee was created by the Klasik Beans cooperative in collaboration with over 200 coffee growers of the Bandung area. The cooperative was founded in 2008 with the aim of preserving the Indonesian cultural heritage by creating delicious coffees that are environmentally sustainable and fairly traded. The name “Radio Phare” comes after an antique radio antenna overlooking one of the stations, this coffee displays a buttery texture alongside apple and green pepper flavours!! Sounds like a complex but interesting one for this month!!


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