Coffee of the Month // April // A Thousand Hills

Origin = Rwanda (Umurage)

Process = Washed

Notes = Orange // Red Berry // Black Tea

Espresso + Filter  


"The Land of a Thousand Hills" is Rwanda's nickname, and this region delivers a delicate & juicy bean...bright as a jewel!

The perfect companion for a sunny, spring day...this months coffee is a cup of Rwandan beauty from the Huye District!

The beans are grown by over 400 small scale farmers who cover the Huye District. Once picked these intensely bright red bourbon cherries are processed by BUF Cafe, run by a dynamic local business woman Epiphanie Mukashyaka and her son Samuel.

The finely-tuned processing & quality controlling of these cherries produces a coffee that just keeps on giving.

With a vision to give back to the local community , to give support to global partners and to ensure satisfaction for the consumer, Huye District have established a distinct level of best practice.

Targeting the specialty coffee market with their bold cherries that deliver a unique & refreshing taste experience, Rwandas quality has been recognised and this is a single origin bean not to miss out on!


German missionaries first brought coffee to Rwanda in 1904, and they began exporting beans from 1917.

By 1990 coffee was Rwandas most valuable export, but during the Rwandan civil war, a wide spread genocide in the country claimed nearly 1 million lives and this decimated the industry.

It took time for Rwanda to recover and looking to the future of coffee was to become a symbol of positivity for it's people as the country was re-built and regenerated.

 As of today Rwanda is the only country in Africa to have hosted an international coffee event that took place in 2018 (let's clarify that this was a specialty coffee competition) exposing these local farmers to global trade opportunities.


For This single origin we RECOMMEND brewing with either V60 Or chemex 65g/1L

Drink it black, over ice, in the sun for a refreshing pick me up!

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